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Sally Ray. Photographer.

Ever since I can remember, I have stopped and stared far too much. At everything! At lovers strolling or stopping to embrace in alleyways. At animals caged or otherwise as pets simply living a charmed existence as our treasured company.

At the same time – as a life-long avid music lover, I have been attending gigs and shows all over the world for many years. Experiencing thrills and witnessing spectacles that I simply don’t have the words to fully describe, but desperately want to preserve.

Wouldn’t it be an awful shame I thought, to lose these moments – these snapshots of time we’ve witnessed as our memory banks slowly fade? Of course it would!

It was all of the above in conjunction with meeting some wonderful inspirational souls over the years that steered my own creative desire, as a graphic designer, to photography.

A few grand later, equipped with adrenalin and perhaps a gifted eye, I began my learning curve and started shooting.

Never look back, the best is yet to come.